A map of the county of Essex

By John Chapman and Peter André 1777

Digitally redrawn by Andrew Macnair 2015

The Map

The original map was published in twenty six sheets, each measuring 23 by 19 inches. A set of sheets could be purchased for £1 15s. 0d. (hand coloured) or £1 5s 0d. (if left plain) or £2 12s 6d. if bound into a leather-backed book. The latter now fetch several thousand pounds at auction. Included was an ‘index’ map covering the whole county to help the purchaser identify the sheet they required. With the map was a list of 224 ‘subscribers’ who paid a fee in advance of publication to help the two surveyors defray the not inconsiderable cost of surveying, engraving and printing. The map was clearly sought after and there were further reprints in 1785 and 1833.